ModifyDispatchAdvice - method


Input is .xml file with following marks.


Item description






Dispatch advice year



Dispatch advice book



Dispatch advice number



Invoice book



Customer ID



Customerpayer ID



Order reference



Dispatch advice date



Confirmation date



Delivery address



Warehouse ID



Currency ID



Price list ID



Language ID



VAT calculated



VAT invoice type



VAT non taxable deduction



Cost center ID



Cost unit ID



Clerk ID



Work order ID



Analytic ID



Accounting book group ID



Analytic AN1 ID



Analytic AN2 ID



Analytic AN3 ID



Customer clerk ID






Document header description



Document footer description






Status lines



Inserted by



Inserted time



Modified by



Modified time



Exchange rate date



Exchange rate



Exchange rate base



Exchange rate ID



Currency clause



Attachment ID delivery note



Attachment ID



Annex ID



Folder ID



Discount group ID



Rebate percentage



Rebate percentage2



Rebate percentage3



Rebate percentage4



Rebate percentage5



Delivery date



Customer confiramtion datr



Customer delivery date



Net days



Quotation year



Quotation number



Gross amout



Discount amount



Rebate amount



Net amount



VAT amount



Payment amount



Rounding amount



Environmental tax amount



Rebate amount document



Unloading date



Unloading time



Unloading note



Reference order



Reference warehouse



Reference cash operation



Reference invoice



Distance sale



Assembling and installation



Transfer number



Issue goods date



Parity code



Parity place



Authorization code



Document sales type



Document order type



Payment code ID



Cashier ID



Cash operation



Payment purpose ID



Delivery method









Line number



Line sequence



Order year



Order number



Order line number



Warehouse ID



Item code



Item EAN






Item comparison code



Item title1



Item title2



Item description



Ordered quantity



Dispatch advice quantity



Shipped quantity



Issues quantity






Price with VAT



Units forprice



Unit of measurment



Discount percentage



Discount percentage2



Discount percentage3



Discount percentage4



Discount percentage5



Cost center ID



Cost unit ID



Clerk ID



Work order ID



Analytic ID



VAT rate ID



VAT rate percent



VAT calculated



VAT rate description



VAT invoice type



WH posting year



WH event type



WH type ID



WH type2ID



WH document number



WH line number



Invoice year



Invoice numner



Invoice book



Invoice line number






Delivery date



Order book N



Quotation year



Quotation number






Alternate EAN



Alternate unit of measurment



Alternate convert factor



Alternate quantity



Deleted line



Cash operation year



Cash operation shop ID



Cash operation event type



Cash operation type ID



Cash operation document number



Cash operation line number



Cash operation status



Distance sale



Assembling and installation



VAT non taxable deduction



Text line



Expiration date



Customer delivery date



Gross amout



Intermediate amount



Net amount



Rebate amout



VAT amount



Discount amount



Discount amount amount



Environmental tax amount



Environmental tax amount2



Inserted by



Inserted time



Modified by



Modified time






The output is a .xml file in which it is stated, if the method is successful or not.