API Modules


Available modules



Gets accounting book group by ID. 
​Gets list of accounting book groups.


Gets analytics by ID.
​Gets list of analytics (1, 2, 3).


Gets code list of analytics1.
Gets analytics1 by ID.


Gets code list of analytics2.
Gets analytics2 by ID.


Gets code list of analytics3.
Gets analytics3 by ID.


Gets single bank account by costumer code and costumer bank code.
​Gets list of all bank accounts.
​Creates a new bank account.
Updates a bank account.


Gets cashier by ID.
​Gets list of cashiers.

<CashOperation> Adds cash a  operation.


Gets clerk by ID.
​Gets list of clerk.


Gets list of customer commercial terms.
Gets list of customers item group discounts comercial terms.
Gets list of item comercial terms.


Gets list of contact types.


Gets cost center by ID.
​Gets list of cost centers.


Gets cost unit by ID.
​Gets list of cost units.


Gets country by ID.
Gets list of countries.


Gets currency by ID.
​Gets list of currencies.


Gets code of customer.
Gets list of customers.
Gets customer financial status.
​Gets list  of open accounts.
​Adds customer.
​Updates customer.
​Gets customer custom properties. 


Gets discount group by ID.
​Gets list of discount groups.


Gets dispatch advice by ID.
​Gets list of dispatch advices.
Gets dispatch advices status.
Modifies dispatch advice.


​​Gets list of documents.
Gets document by ID.
Adds new document.
Gets document properties.
Modifies document properties.


Adds employee.
​Updates employee.
Gets list of employees.


Adds employee bonus.
​Updates employee bonus.
​Gets list of employee bonuses.


Adds employee payroll row.
​Gets list of employee payroll rows.


Adds employee salary base.
​Updates employee salary base.
​Gets list of employee salary bases.


Gets exchange rate by ID.
​Gets list of exchange rates.


Adds incoming invoice.
​Gets incoming invoice by year, bookID and invoice ID.
​Gets incoming invoices list.
​Deletes incoming invoice by year, book ID and invoice ID. 


Gets incoming invoice books by incoming invoice book ID.
​Gets list of incoming invoice books.


Adds incoming invoice delivery note.


Gets incoming invoice posting groups by posting group ID.
​Gets list of incoming invoice posting groups.


Adds inventory.
Adds inventory list.
​Gets invetory status.
​Gets inventory by inventory year and inventory number.


Adds invoice.
Gets invoice by invoice year, invoice book and invoice number.
​Modifies invoice.
​Gets invoice status.


Gets invoice books by invoice book ID.
​Gets list of invoice books.


Gets items.
​Gets item custom properties.
Gets list of discount item groups. 


Adds journal.


Gets journal types by journal type ID.
​Gets list of journal types.


Gets ledger accounts by ledger accounts ID.
​Gets list of ledger accounts.


Gets modul general settings.


Adds a new order.
Gets order by order year, order book and order number.
Modifies order.
​Gets order status.
​Moves order to dispatch advice by order year, order book, order number and dispatch advice year.
​Posts dispatch advice by dispatch advice year, dispatch advice book and dispatch advice number.


Gets order books by order book ID.
Gets list of order books.


Gets payment code by payment code ID.
Gets list of payment codes.


Gets payment purposes by payment purpose ID.
Gets list of order books.

<PayrollLedger> Gets payroll runs.
Gets payroll ledger.
Gets payroll payments ledger.


Gets postal codes by country ID and postal code ID.
Gets list of postal codes.

<PreReceipt> Adds Pre-receipt.

year, book and number of Pre-receipt. 
Post Pre-receipt year, book and number. 
Modifies Pre-receipt.


Gets price by price list date, price list ID and item code.
​Gets list of prices.


Gets price lists by price list ID.
​Gets list of price lists.



Adds purchase order.
Gets purchase orders status. 
​Posts purchase order by purchase order year, purchase order book, purchase order number and receiving advice year.
Modifies purchase order.


Adds receiving advice.
Gets receiving advice by receiving advice year, receiving advice book and receiving advice number.
Gets receiving avdice status.
Modifies receiving advice.
​Posts receiving advice by receiving advice year, receiving advice book and receiving advice number.


Gets shipping methods by shipping method ID.
​Gets list of shipping methods.


Gets shops by shop ID.
​Gets list of shops.


Gets stocks.


Adds supported family member.
Gets supported family member.
​Updates supported family member.


Gets tehnological process.


Adds travel orders.
​Gets travel orders 
​Deletes travel order by travel order year and travel order number.


Adds travel order advances.
​Gets travel order advances.


Adds travel orders billing. 
​Gets travel orders billing.


Gets travel order itineraries.


Gets travel order tasks.


Gets turnover types by turnover type ID.
​Gets list of turnover types.


Gets VAT rates by VAT rate ID.
​Gets list of VAT rates.


Gets warehouse by warehouse ID.
Gets list of warehouses.
​Posts warehouse transfer.


Gets ware house groups by ware house group ID.
​Gets list of warehouse groups.


Gets work order tehnological operations.


Gets production workplace.


Gets production work station.